Lovers Sucking Cock

Rocco and Jake have appeared on UK Naked Men before, but separately, in solo galleries. They're real-life lovers and they wanted a chance to pose together for the camera. I've had a hard-on for Rocco since I first saw him. He's the taller of the two and heavily tattooed. He's a good-looking bugger. And talk about a hot cock! It's a big bat of a thing -- uncut with a severe banana curve. His lover is Jake -- dark-haired, shorter, a little hairy. Jake is also sporting a whopper of a weapon, but his cock is just long and thick. Rocco's would be a lot of work to suck or fuck because of that wicked curve; he'd be hitting spots in your ass that you never knew existed. Jake, on the other hand, would just fill you up with that fat cock of his and make you beg for mercy. In this gallery, these two hot loves spend a lot of time sucking one another's cocks. Rocco bends Jake over a beautiful antique sofa and, first, eats his ass, and then, sticks his cock up his lover's ass. These two men are hot. I sure wouldn't mind being ceiling cat in their bedroom.

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