In life, love is a tricky at best, but in the gay porn world love is almost impossibility to find... or is it? Well, not necessarily. Studly porn couple Mitch Vaughn and Spencer Williams have been dating for the past 15 months and I recently had an opportunity to talk to the sexy and incredibly sweet Spencer as we dished about the ups and downs of having a relationship when both hunks do porn.

Aamyko: How long have you and Mitch been together?

Spencer: We have been together for 15 months. It seems longer (in a good way), but I think that's because we are always spending time with each other. I love being in each other's company.....when we're apart both of us are pretty miserable.

Aamyko: What are some of the difficulties of being in a relationship where both of you do porn? What do you do in order to avoid those problems?

Spencer: I can only speak for myself and not for Mitch, but the one hardest thing that I had to deal with is Mitch being in the public eye. I didn't take that into consideration when I first told him I was ok with him doing porn, until I saw the way guys threw themselves at him. At that point, I wasn't in the porn industry and I don't think Mitch viewed that situation as a problem, but I think now that I'm in the industry (kind of), he feels the same at times. The thing that eases us is the fact that we know we are always going to be coming home to each other no matter what. The other difficulty that I know Mitch and I can agree on is that a lot of people think that just because we are a couple in the porn industry that we will sleep with anyone and anything....that isn't the case with us. Outside of work we are strictly monogamous, there is no open relationship when it comes to us, there never will be.


Aamyko: Are there any tips you could give on having a long lasting relationship?

Spencer: I'm in no place to give out tips on having a long lasting relationship, but I can say what has worked for both Mitch and I in regards to our relationship...it may work for one couple and it may not work for another. However, the number one thing that we are big on is COMMUNICATION. Yes, we falter at times in this area, but for the most part we are very open with each other. Expressing how one feels allows us to support, sympathize, encourage, rejoice in however one's feeling. We are honest with each other whether the other wants to hear it or not. We also do our best to have a date night at least once a month, but honestly we do it a little more even if it's just a dinner....time alone allows us to get the quality time that we don't when jobs and events keep us busy.

Aamyko: Do you think you have to be totally non jealous person if you go out with a porn star?

Spencer: I will say it helps....but the way Mitch and I view it is when the other gets jealous, it shows that they truly want the other for themselves. We've spoken about it and we both agreed that jealousy in our eyes shows that we're madly in love with each other and will not want to share each other with someone else. Like I said before, we ALWAYS come home to each other and there is no sex with someone outside of our job.

Aamyko: Are you going to get married to Mitch if so when?

Spencer: Well, Vegas only allows Domestic Partnership, so on December 13th, Mitch and I will have that taken care of. I'm originally from Hawaii and gay marriage will be legalized starting the beginning of next year so we are planning on going to Hawaii sometime next year and getting that taken care of. Although, Vegas still won't recognize it as a legal marriage at least we would have it legally done and if we move to a state that recognizes it, we won't have to worry about doing it. We both know that gay marriage will be legal in the near future, we're not worried about it.

I really do think that Spencer & Mitch have a great future ahead of them and all of us at Gaydemon wish them nothing but the very best!

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(Photo credit: SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK)

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