Loser Has To Suck 3 Cocks Loser Has To Suck 3 Cocks

Exercise is terrific your body, soul and especially the mind. In fact any form of activity can give you a high as it releases endorphins in your brain. It can make you even horny for sex. Which was the case with a bunch of guys who just finished a game. They are on such a high as they have been on a winning streak for 2 weeks in a row.

The guys decide right then and there to have a contest to see who can get hard the fastest. Loser has to suck off the other three. Scott gets the short end of the stick, but is it really losing? Like Charlie Sheen, Scott sees it as winning. He has been eying his teammates cocks for so long, he can't wait to suck them off. The end result being Scott drenched in cum as guy after guy shoots their hot load all over him.

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