The thing that I really love about Bear Films is that they showcase a wide variety of men. They're not locked into this stereotype about what a bear is or isn't. Some members of the bear movement can sometimes be a bit stuffy and exclusionary - a bear must have a big belly, he must have facial hair and a hairy chest, that sort of thing. But the thing that I've learned about the bear movement in particular is that there are no absolutes. If you say a Daddy must be a top, very quickly you'll find a hot Daddy who is on his knees begging for cock. And if you think bears must always have big bellies, well, I know plenty of bears who are inshape or muscular. Or sometimes I hear people say that cubs are younger, but I know plenty of 40 and 50-year-old cubs. Take Adric here, Bear Films latest update, he's a complete conundrum because he doesn't fit the typical look of what many think a bear is, primarily because he's got long hair and he's fairly slender and muscular. He's not really a cub either; Daddy doesn't fit, I suppose you could call him an otter or a wolf, but he's kind of too hairy to be either. And that's why Bear Films is a favourite haunt of mine because they put themselves out there and say, "No, Adric is a hot, long-haired hairy man who belongs on our site." You may not know how to classify him (and perhaps we're too much into labels) but Adric is a hot man. And indeed, when you see this man's hairy very hairy body, you'll be glad Bear Films is showing him off.

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