This documentary on manscaping vs. natural vs. everything in between is coming April 16 to Logo. So it will likely eventually stream on for the cable-less among us. Warning: it could be insight-free, as this same issue has been around for over two decades and there's not much more to say except that it comes down to personal preference. If you generalize it to masculinity in general and nature vs. body mods, the issue has been around much longer. Though, to be fair, not everyone has thought about it that hard, so now's your chance. Just brace yourself for lines like "What was once considered the domain of the metrosexual has gone wildly mainstream." Wow. Get that Emmy shined up now!

I just hope that bears aren't the only ones in this flick who get to speak out in favor of body hair. And that there is some examination of how all of this is perceived and acted upon by gay and non-gay cultures differently.

Ultimately, hair (and smoothness) is both a symbol and a reality, and where the hair is and isn't matters. A hairy leg can feel soft even though softness and masculinity aren't normally thought of as a pair. Muscles can look bigger when there's no hair to hide them. Or a man can look primal when he's majorly hairy, even if he lacks muscle. It's all relative and complex, so let's hope this documentary does get deep and intellectual and explore some new territory. Oh wait - it's Logo.

If it's not intellectually stimulating, just turn the sound off and take this as an opportunity to see men on tables get hair ripped out, or lasered off, or shamed off, or however it works. Actually, keep the sound on so you can hear the guys yelp.

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