If you've ever been to Australia you know how hot it can get during the summer season. Bentley Race knows all too well being an Aussie outfit. So when young hottie Justin starting stripping in order to escape the 110 degree heatwave, they pulled out the cameras and got to work. Justin is very much an Aussie mate with this blonde short cropped hair and pinkish uncut meat. He lays back in his cool shades and does what cums naturally to him while chillin' in the scorching, baking sun.


Like I said, just chillin' in the heat. I would think the only true way would be to shed all clothing and try to expend as little energy as possible. Of course, it appears as though the sun still has a bit of an effect on Justin's cock as it glistens in a deliciously erect state.


Now there's an awesome site eh?! There isn't much else more welcoming that a young man's sweet, taut butt cheeks. Especially on a really hot day when the temperatures are soaring and the sun warms all the right parts of the body.


Justin needs a hot mouth on that luscious uncut piece of cock meat if you ask me. I guess we can all dream for now. What a hottie eh?! And I don't mean the Australian temperature either. Yeah, Bentley Race always bring us some pretty sizzling blokes. And they're all willing to shed their clothing for your entertainment. Regardless of what the weather is like!

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