London Gay Man is another of those informative sites dealing with a locale - obviously, in this case, London, England. Just rippling with information, this site contains reviews of restaurants, galleries, clubs, accommodations - even finance - with a decidedly gay-friendly slant, a bias one can expect throughout although not limited to that alone. It calls itself "your very own gay personal assistant" and it definitely acts to fulfill that role. Tickets, maps, classifieds, personals - it is dam near a complete and encyclopedic look at what the fabulous city of London has going at any point in time. On a more serious note, this very dedicated site also offers listings of helpful organizations involved in the political and the healing sides of gay lifestyle issues, from current political trends in England and London in general to a listing of all the helping organizations dealing with issues such as AIDS and HIV problems. From humorous and wry looks at fashion and celebrity behavior to the more serious side of life, London Gay Man is a superb resource, just busting with information. For those curious about what's happening on the entertainment and tourism front, I cannot imagine a better place to look.

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