Lollipop Twinks gay candy fetish site

Here's a site with an unusual fetish - candy! The site is called Lollipop Twinks, and combines hardcore sucking and fucking with guys sucking on lollipops (or suckers, as they're called in the U.S.). Yes, the boys on this site enjoy lollipops during foreplay, share the sweet candy during kissing and even suck on those suckers while they're getting fucked good and hard! In some of the shoots, one of the guys may even feed a lollipop to the other as the action gets hot. I think that sucking and licking on a sucker during sex is a pretty interesting idea, if a bit sticky. The twinks are mostly very cute, with smooth slender bodies, boyish faces and a taste for cocks and candy. To make the point, the site has candy accents on the menu, although not lollipops. Whether you're into sweets, horny twinks, or both, I think Lollipop Twinks has an interesting concept!

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