Retired porn star Logan McCree Happy in Durness

Sexy tattooed hottie Logan McCree made quite a splash last year when he decided to stop doing porn, got a girlfriend and said he was going to move to Durness, Scotland. There was a bit of confusion as to how happy the people of that small town were to have a sexy, hunky porn star planning to move there, but Logan cleared it up and said that folks there were aware that he did porn and didn't have a problem with it.

Well, now we finally get some news from this hot fucker himself via, and he lets the entire world know that not only did he move to Durness in March but that he couldn't be happier building his own house. He says that he is doing all the work himself and that he is currently sleeping in a shed to get all the work done! Talk about dedication! I can't get my ass outta bed before 12pm!

Logan also lets us know that the people of Durness are very accepting and cool. He says that they always try to help him out in every way that they can. McCree says that he has some hot new scenes coming up on and that he hasn't had sex since moving to Scotland. My question is: Where the hell is the girlfriend and surely he must have gotten freaky with her!? Who knows, but he doesn't give any info on that part of his life.

Hopefully his new stuff will be hotter than ever and he can manage both building his home and sexing other hot studs into salacious submission!

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