Logan McCree Gives Hugh Hunter Permission Logan McCree Gives Hugh Hunter Permission

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Back in May, Logan McCree flew to Chicago to attend IML (International Mr. Leather), which coincides with the Grabby's award show. And he hooked up with his old buddies from Raging Stallion Studios. It had been a lot of years since McCree had filmed anything for his alma mater, and when they asked, he agreed.

Logan McCree's comeback scene was for Raging Stallion and Boomer Banks fucked him with his giant cock. But I always liked the kinkier side of McCree, so his Fetish Force scene with Hugh Hunter caught my eye. McCree is harnessed and restrained and Hunter leads him on a leash to the bed in the middle of the room. Hugh slaps Logan's horse cock with his hand, then he gulps it balls deep.

Hugh leads Logan to the bed and hooks him up with some nipple clamps suspended from the ceiling. Hunter selects a sounding rod and inches it inside McCree's cock and holds it steady while Logan thrust his hips up and down and fucks the rod himself. (See, I told you he had a kinky side.) Hunter slides a rod deep inside McCree's piss slit, then he holds a huge wax cone over his slave and melts it with a blow torch. As the drips sear Logan's flesh he winces, but he keeps hollering, "Keep going ... don't stop." And Hunter doesn't, not until McCrees abs, cock, and nuts are completely covered in wax.

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