Logan McCree

I love Logan McCree! This tattooed stud could fuck my ass any time he wanted. He's adorably cute and packs a mean set of lips. And those eyes, so soulful and warm. I love this look with close-cropped hair and face scruff. Logan's look hot! Over on Butch Dixon he's paired up with his real-life lover, Vinnie D'Angelo. Logan has Vinnie lay across a massage table, and then, Logan crawls on top on him. He gives Vinnie is much-needed rubdown. As Logan works over Vinnie's back, Logan's dick starts stiffening between Vinnie's butt cheeks. So Logan slides his cock into Vinnie's hole and gives him a different kind of massage. This just gets Vinnie all riled up so he mounts Logan and thrusts his hard cock deep inside his lover's hairy hole. I love watching these two men fuck, and the fact that they're real lovers makes it more of a turn-on.

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