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Tattooed porn hunk Logan McCree has been making BIG TIME news recently. First, he wanted to settle down and open up a massage parlor/hairdressing salon in Durness, a small town in his fave place in the world: Scotland. Of course, the townspeople were not having any of it and have been very vocal about not wanting his kind of funk in their town due to his porn past.

Well, now Logan is back in the spotlight with some "shocking" news. He has now broken up with his long-time boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo and has now found himself a girlfriend. He recently said in an interview that they liked each other immediately and that they are all loved up. He also said he wanted to settle down and raise a family. Aww! Isn't that special?

I'm sure many of his fans will be pissed off with this news and it seems as though his retirement is just around the cock-sucking corner. He will continue to make his own content for his website but I think that we can kiss the idea of having this hunk around for the long haul goodbye.

Having said that, I'm more than sure this will deffo not be the last we hear about Logan and his shenanigans!

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