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I will say one thing, Logan McCree really does want to set the record straight about his recent news. So much so, that the tattooed hottie took the time to answer and clear the air about the blog I had written about his passing up cock for pussy.

Here's what he said:

"...the townspeople were not having any of it and have been very vocal about not wanting his kind of funk in their town due to his porn past"...That was just what the yellow press wrote to actually make a story out of nothing. The People in Durness are very friendly and welcoming.

"He has now broken up with his long-time boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo..." - Vinnie and I broke up more than a year ago!

"I'm sure many of his fans will be pissed off with this news and it seems as though his retirement is just around the cock-sucking corner" - I hope my fans are open-minded and mature enough to realize that my love to a women does not mean that I betrayed my fans. I believe that a lot of my fans love me for my honesty. Just because I have a relationship with a woman now it does not mean that I am not into guys any more and I surely don't stop doing porn because of my girlfriend. She is absolutely fine with my work and the fact that I'm bi. Actually i shoot more scenes now than I used to ever before. And I like them better than enithing I have shot in the past. Its much more real. All this scenes are on my homepage www.loganmccree.tv. Most of this scenes were shot while I was already with my girlfriend. Just look at them and decide for yourself if they look as if I was not interested in men any more :-)"

Well, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Logan for taking the time and letting us know what is what! I'm sure that a lot of his fans will be thankful for his comments regarding his recent news. Like I said before, I'm sure this will not be the last we'll hear of Logan and his sweet tattooed self! TRUST!

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