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Cooper first showed up on Corbin Fisher a couple of months back, and since his solo jack off session, he's received his first blowjob and fucked another guy. But before getting his taste of more guy butt, Cooper has been highlighted in three more fuck scenes and he's doing bottom duty. Corbin Fisher says that he thinks Cooper is enjoying bottoming more than the good-looking jock though he would, so perhaps Corbin Fisher has an agenda. From the beginning of this video, Cooper is fascinated with Dawson's muscles. Cooper clearly wants to touch, kiss, and feel up Dawson's biceps. As the guys get hotter, their hands are all over one another -- they kiss, they lick, and they flex and massage one another's bodies. With their cocks rock hard they even get into a bit of cock fighting. But Dawson's anxious to get into Cooper's fuck hole, so he starts to prep him with his tongue. Dawson bends Cooper over the bench in the locker room and starts inching his hard cock between Cooper's fantastic ass. Even after Cooper shoots his load, Dawson continues to dick his hole slowly. And when they've both emptied their balls, Dawson massages and licks Cooper's feet.

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