A lot of the times when you've got the boyfriend and the relationship you have always wanted, everything seems perfect. Perfect, until you realize that the only place you ever have sex is in the bedroom, and it all seems a bit too tried and tested. I mean, you know you are in trouble when the idea of watching vampires sucking blood on True Blood seems more exciting that sucking your partners juicy cock!

So what to do? Well, you gotta keep it hot! First of all, remove yourself from the bedroom and head out! I wouldn't recommend you go way out, you gotta start with little steps. The most important thing is to get outta the bed. The best place to start is in the shower. You (hopefully) take a shower everyday and why not do it with your partner? This will get the juices flowing and when you are in there, you get slippery and wet and BAM! Sexual heaven!

Once you have conquered the shower you can move it out to other parts of the house such as the kitchen, living room, and of course for those brave enough to bare all - the backyard garden! The more experienced you get the bolder your choices will get! But do be careful, sometimes being too adventurous can land you in to big trouble, A.K.A jail time mutha-fucka!

Changing locations will give you the variety you & your partner need to keep each other interested and horny for a long time to cum!

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