Little Rich is new to modelling and so English Lads thought they'd put him in the experienced hands of Kai, who couldn't wait to get it on. Kai is soon tugging down Rich's trackies, his cock is soft and Kai tugs on his foreskin making his mouth full of rock solid meat. Rich then tries getting dominant and tries to suck Kai. He soon realizes Kai's cock is very thick! Throughout all the sucking and sizzling fun, eventually Rich and Kai flipflop just like a couple of cute twinks these days usually do when things get lustful. I mean, it's the best of both worlds.


I love English Lads for their purely amateur stars. This is just like what you would see if you accidentally walked into the boys' room on a Sunday afternoon. One young dude mounting the other in absolutely lustful abandon. Hot!


Check out the look on Kai's face as Little Rich works his rod. I would think that the newbie is doing a good job. Rich looks totally into trying to swallow all of what his buddy is sporting. Yep, he's a born natural that one. Born to serve.


Now there's a sweet shot. Kai delivers the goods to Little Rich with a cute smile and a thrust. Rumour has it that the rest of this scene is fucking awesome. Kai blows a big wad all over Rich's face and the bottom boy relishes it all. English Lads just keep up the good work I tell ya. And as long as we're around to wack off to what they have to offer, I'm sure they'll keep it up.

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