Lingerie Men

Wow, this is fantastic. Lingerie Men is all about men in women's lingerie, but there is a lot more to it than just the horny pics, the neat videos and the cartoons. It's a wonderful mix of things hardcore and erotic, normal and kinky, but it always stays with its main theme. I just caught an article from Sky News, of all places, about men's women's-style lingerie fashion, for example. And then I was able to see a short porn video clip of guys in lingerie, and then a comedy cartoon drawing that was actually pretty sexy, too. The folks who put this blog together know their audience and they know their subject matter. Every now and then there will be something written about what is being shown, but most of the time this is an image-led blog where the pictures speak for themselves. If you've got a thing for lingerie, or even if you haven't, it's well worth a visit to catch the large and varied collection of all things sensual and erotic in underwear.

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