These days, seems like almost every guy is shaved smooth - especially his balls and around his cock. And while some may find this a good thing, a lot of us prefer a guy who's natural and unshaved. That's why when I saw these pics of Ben Nash from Buzz West, I was blown away by this 19 year old marine's bushy pubic hair that frames his cock so perfectly. I grabbed these pics to share with others who love a guy with plenty of pubes!

Something I find very erotic is that except for his pubic hair, he's smooth and fair skinned - which helps the hair emphasize what he's got!


Hard or soft, Ben's furry pubic area is a real turnon, and I must admit that seeing it makes me want to touch it - see if it's smooth or coarse, and stroke the hair with my fingers and tongue.


Okay, from the rear his balls aren't that hairy, but this pic just grabbed my attention... and I think it's pretty hot, as well!


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