Life Of A Slave

Life Of A Slave is a virtual diary of events in the extremely active sex life of the author, "Slave Matt". Naturally enough, the overwhelming body of work here deals with his relationship with his "owner" and master, revealing an intimate look into the life and thoughts of a virtual and very willing sex slave. The site itself is under construction which is not to say there is not much to investigate here. There is a copy of the "contract" signed by Matt with his master, also revealing the roles and spelling out the expectations and hopes of them both. Yes, humiliation is a huge part of this adventure, and it is yet another kind of revelation in how we can intuit exactly how this can so thoroughly satisfy a man. The honesty of expression really does work to give us a direct view into these partners' thought processes.There are also the tacit understandings and the huge level of trust shown between the parties well illustrated and laid out - and this is immensely important - perhaps above all, in fact, being its own sort of Eros as well as revealing a deep level of cooperation. The rules of the game are also posted - as an example of how it "should be played" and, as such, they make imminent sense. Adventure and risk are aphrodisiacs, which makes a certain predictable level of self and interpersonal control necessary and, somehow, equally erotic.

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