Liam Riley Helix Studios

Sometimes the strangest skills end up being useful for porn stars. We bet that adorable Liam Riley never thought that his days as a cheerleader would come in handy. But now the 19-year-old California native is the latest Helix exclusive, and the studio is touting his physical abilities--and his fine ass!

"The way he moves and bends is something beautiful to watch," director of operations Deniz Bilgin says. "He is an acrobat of sex. We know the fans will fall in love with him like we have." And Riley gets to show off some of those moves in his first scene, "Sex en Rouge." The arty duo matches him with fellow twink Andy Taylor, who Liam dreamed of working with when he was just a baby Helix fan.

This highly stylized homage to European cabaret sex shows is fairly choreographed for a sex scene, but eventually the good stuff (kissing, sucking and fucking with Liam on bottom) does happen (pics after the jump). Helix Studios is calling this a "groundbreaking film as visually stunning as it is erotic." Well, smoke and good lighting help. But next time, someone should tell Liam that porn stars aren't supposed to look into the camera! For more information, visit Helix Studios.

Liam Riley Helix Studios

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