Lately I've been seeing some gay party sites around - sites with plenty of guys at clubs and pools and beaches getting crazy and naked. Sites like Guys Go Crazy, Papi and (to some extent) Gay College Sex Parties are filling our monitors with sweating, pumping, dancing men fucking and sucking and having a great time.

Most of us have fantasized about going to out of control parties full of hot men ready to suck each others' cocks at a moment's notice but not many of us have actually found ourselves at these parties. Sites featuring clubs full of hot men in various stages of horniness and nudity can really help fulfill those fantasies, and it also gives you more than just a single couple to watch. You can watch dozens of hot guys as their hips gyrate to the throbbing music or watch amateurs frolic in the pool as less and less clothes are being worn.

I must admit that one site - Guys Go Crazy - has the largest groups of hot sweaty men I've ever seen packed inside a club as the clothes come off to the beat of techno music. If I were to give an award for biggest parties, this site would win hands down. Their parties are actually a little bigger than any I've ever fantasized about.


Papi has more manageable groups of 12 - 20 guys at most of their parties, and I like the idea of different kinds of parties like volleyball on the beach or swimming at the pool as well as clubs.

Party sites are fun! Guys are everywhere drinking, smiling, playing - it's not just the sex, which is everywhere - it's the high spirits. Guys may pour their drinks on each other or dance in front of other guys just to tease them. Men may find themselves wearing whipped cream or doing a blowjob in front of 6 eager watchers.

I guess the bottom line is that you can have a room PACKED with incredibly sexy and horny men where anything can happen and anything goes - and that's why I just love party sites!

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