There's a lot of focus on cock on the internet - and that's a good thing. We talk a lot about how hot a guy's muscular or lean body is, how hard his cock is. There's a whole lotta fucking, cock sucking and all sorts of other fun stuff like rimming, BDSM and pissing going on, too. But there's something else that can be a real turn-on to see and to watch that we don't talk about much.


I'm sure most of us have watched a guy's face when he's jacking off, and a lot of us have taken peeks at guys while we suck their cocks. But be honest here. Most of us notice a good looking guy before an average guy every time. And what makes a guy cute, handsome, rugged, gorgeous? Usually we are talking about his face.


There's something about looking into someone's eyes - even in pics. A hot guy with intense and beautiful eyes who seems to be looking into yours... Ever hear expressions like "bedroom eyes"? A guy can say a lot using only his eyes. He can say "I like you" or "I want to know you" or even "Let's fuck!"

And faces can show what type of guy a man is. Faces can be boyish, teasing, manly - there are so many looks and so many types of men. Not to mention that feasting your horny eyes on someone's face is handy if you love facial hair, or a mature weathered look.


When you're getting your cock sucked or sucking a cock is a sexy time to look at your partner's face. But I also think it's very sexy to see guys with those same expressions even if they're just sitting there in their clothes. And for sexy, nothing beats a guy with a beautiful mouth who's giving you eye contact!

I think a man's face can be just as much of a turn-on as his washboard abs or his cock. There's nothing like looking into a guy's beautiful face, whether you are seeing him across a crowded room or thrusting your manmeat into his mouth!


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