Les Deux Hommes

Les Deux Hommes is for men who are into fashion, we are told, and a quick scroll down the main page shows you that perhaps that fashion is underwear themed. There were certainly lots of hunky models in tight fitting white briefs when I last looked. The About section tells us that this is a new blog, it's a mix of hot guys and fashion news, photography and male models, and it so far seems to be keeping with its daily update promise. At least, most days; some days there were as many as three posts. Let's hope that they can carry on that schedule. Mind you, with so many adverts for underwear and so many hot models in fashion adverts all over the pace, it shouldn't be hard.

But it's about more than bulging briefs, in fact it's not really an erotic site at all. There are news items here about what's going on the world of fashion and with top models. These guys are keeping us up to date with who is now modelling for whom, and I did see some guys with their clothes on. So, for a quick check up on what's happening in the world of men's outfits, shoes, undies and other things related, you could do worse than take a peek over here.

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