Leo Domenico covered in cum

Leo Domenico has had quite a ride in the gay porn world. He has worked with almost every major studio out there; from Falcon and Butch Dixon to Lucas Entertainment, this hunk has been very in-demand, and it's very easy to see why that is.. he is totally YUMMY!

Recently, however, Leo has been tweeting to several people that he is quitting porn very soon and this leads me to ask the following question: Why the fuck is he gonna quit?

He has tweeted:

I spoke to Leo a couple of months ago while he was go-go dancing in London and he did not mention anything about quitting. So, obviously I am going to have to ask this hunky stud myself when is he quitting, why and - more importantly - what the hell is he gonna do after?

Inquiring and horny gays need and demand to know!

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