I've received three scenes in the past few days featuring hot Cypriot stud Leo Domenico. So I thought that I'd do an OMG! Leo Domenico is everywhere kind of post, you know, talking about how he just got into gay porn and now he's everwhere ... just like Mark Dylan, Trenton Ducati, and Paddy O'Brian before him. Then I read on Gay Demon's blog under Leo Domenico in his Own Words that he's retiring from gay porn.

So I guess I'm a little late to the Leo Domenico party, but still, these two latest scenes are on fire and they're going to be some of the last scenes you'll see of this hunk, well, until he unretires in six months or a year like all the other gay porn stars usually do. The first scene comes from Raging Stallion's Behind the Big Top and has Domenico playing with carnie Genesis Luna. Genesis is in the props tent hoping to have a private wank, but he doesn't realize that Domenico is snoozing in the lion's cage, sans lion of course. And when Luna's wake up the sleeping stud, he stuffs his hard-on through the bars to make this cocksucker really groan.


The second scene features Leo Domenico helping Alexander Zorlamak in his first duo over at UK Naked Men. In fact, UKNM is so adamant this is Zorlamak's first-ever, on-screen fuck that they'll pony up a free membership to anyone who can find him fucking on another site. Alexander Zorlamak is a sexy Spaniard with an uncut cock and when UKNM approached him about doing a scene and who he might like to fuck him, without hesitation he put in his request for Leo Domenico. And the hung top gives this Spanish bottom a fuck he'll remember.

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