Legendary Cock Legendary Cock

Jessy Dean and Vance Crawford are taking a break in between sets when Rafael Alencar walks into the gym in this new scene from Drill My Hole. Jessy tells Vance that he thinks Rafael is hot. "Oh you've never seen him before?" Vance asks, "The guy is legendary around here, he's got the biggest cock you've ever seen." Rafael swaggers over with his meaty crotch bouncing in his shorts. "I was just telling Vance that you've got the biggest cock around here," Jessy says. So Rafael says that if they pull out theirs, he haul his package out.

Jeesy Dean and Vance Crawford are doing alright in the dick department, but when you're standing beside a Brazilian hunk swinging a 9.5-inch dick, well, even the biggest average-sized cock can look downright puny. But he boys aren't content with just looking at that thing. They want to have a contest to see who can bury that super fat bone balls deep up their ass. Vance tries it out first and Alencar urges him on: "Come on, you can take it ... you can do it." It's pretty horny watching these two gym studs competing in this ass-stretching contest. It's been a while since Rafael Alencar has done a video for MEN.com, so I'm pretty revved up seeing him pumping his monster meat into two asses.

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