Legal Briefs Hung For Porn

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine recently published an article written by a former lawyer named Ben Peck. At 35 he found his true calling in life, and it isn't practicing law. It is being a porn producer and performer.

This is the Reader's Digest version of his story. Ben had the typical suburban, preppy upbringing. However his worldview changed when he spent time in Berlin. Ben was entranced by the lifestyle, culture and nightlife this place had to offer. He had identified as straight before. But now he embraced being gay 100%. Knowing he couldn't stay there forever, Ben returned to the US half-hardheartedly. Which was a depression for him, as he truly loved what Berlin had to offer. Long story short, Ben entered law school and fell head over heels in love with an older man. This relationship opened up a new sexual exploration for him, one he had never encountered before. Now Ben's sexual confidence grew as he and his partner went to countless sex parties, clubs and bathhouses to sharpen his sexual skills.

When he received his law degree, Ben thought it was a time to celebrate. Then his father died six days after he passed the bar exam. After practicing law for a year, Ben came to the realization law was not his passion. Knowing life was too short; Ben decided to embark on a career that he knew would be a better fit. He decided to turn tricks for a living. By this time his partner was suffering from a chronic illness. So being an escort would help pay the bills and give him a flexible schedule to continue caring for his partner.

Escorting then led to a career in porn. But something interesting happened. The more he dug deeper in the world of porn, the more his sexual desires changed. From women to men and now (after 12 years) back to women. Ben is now exclusively staring and producing what he calls feminist porn. He hopes this will revolutionize the porn industry.

To read Ben's story in his own words go to From Ivy League Lawyer to Porn Star.

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