So, the boy that cried out to the world to "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" and became an instant internet sensation has now decided that he was sick and tired of being teased for being a big'ole queeny mess and is about to take a dive into the sexy, if somewhat salty, waters of (what else?) GAY PORN!

Yes, Chris posted on his Tumblr that he would be doing a full length porno this summer, and that the "deal was already in place." Well, I guess the world wanted to see this? I am not sure but recently Chris has been trying, very hard to shed his prissy image by pumping up his muscles, cropping his hair and showing his cock all over the net. Now, that is how you get the gays to pay attention!

He has posted loads of XXX-rated pics of his "new image", and I gotta hand it to him - he has managed to transform himself from annoying screaming queen to not so annoying, brave little hottie! One thing is for sure - Chris is working with quite a nice package! He did managed to "shock" me there 'cos I was not expecting to see that juicy cock between his legs!

Anywho, let's wish Chris the best in this new phase of his career and hopefully it will be more successful and will be taken more seriously than his umm... musical offerings.

For more pics of Chris and what he's workin' with go here.

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