Leatherviews is hardly an unknown, beginner's blog. This is an educational and utterly thorough trip via a fairly vast website, through an alternative sexual universe, presented in articles and commentary given by Jack Rinella, a long time columnist for the Gay Chicago Magazine. Jack has over 13 years worth of articles and editorial observations dealing with the world of SM/BDSM, slave behavior, "top" behavior, the sensations and appeal of the niche and pretty much everything there is to do with this side of sexuality. Even tempered, sharp as a tack and vitally interested in an area he has obviously immensely enjoyed himself, he discusses every angle of approach to this area of human sexuality, describing positions, circumstances and behavioral expectations. He doesn't proselytize at all but he does provide a sequential and sensible pattern to enjoying these niches within the niche itself. Only someone who has thoroughly invested himself inside such a delicate yet fascinating area could provide such compassionate and knowledgeable descriptions and opinions. Jack has an educational "Jones" - he loves imparting his very valuable insight into an area of controversy and strong - if uninformed - opinion. This site is sensible to the max - and great reading for anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or their particular preferences. This is an intense and lively experience. It's just an absolutely great site.

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