Yes sir, LeatherSir. "There's something special between a SIR and his boy!" Ah yes there is. LeatherSir represents 13 Leather Sir and Boy competitions throughout the United States and Canada. They also host the national event held every year in a different location. Through surfing the site you can check the current "Titleholders", and see who is considered to be the most recent champions. Click on "Events" to see if there is a show closeby to you in the near future. Glancing through the "Photo Albums" you can check out contests as far back as 2002. I can see why most of these guys win. They are fucking hot! Especially the Leather Sirs. Loads of muscle, leather and hair to be had here. I can say that if I ever happen to be in the vicinity of one of these, events come hell or high water, I'll be there. With chaps on.

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