All leather fans walk this way, please, and that includes ladies as well as guys. Leatherati is a regularly updated blog that knows its subject, sticks to it and finds all manner of interesting things to post. It's all about the leather scene, of course, with pics and news, articles and information about lifestyle, competitions, shows and clubs. I was interested to see the Voices area in the menu, and this turned out to be posts from fans, users and other contributors to the blog; so you get more than one 'voice' and many points of view when you're browsing. And rubber fans are not left out, either; a quick check of the photos and you find leather and rubber in there together. But it's the detail which really impresses here. The events calendar, the wide scope of the writing and subject matter, and the attention to detail. These are the things that true leather and rubber, fetish fans want to see and that's what you get at this interesting blog.

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