Leatherati is a product of some very talented organizers and authors who saw a massive "information gap" regarding what they term "The Leathersphere". I think what stunned them most was a lack of any central focused news source regarding all the amazing number of people and events who actively participate in 'leathery events' the world over. This site addresses that hole and fills it with primo current information on such things as the judges announced who will judge the 2010 Mr. San Fransisco Competition - as well as some of the participants. That's merely an example piece. In the realities of leathery things, there are many of these type events. This website brings all the "leather news" to the forefront in filtered and very open and artistic style. In short, it;s a hell of a nice addition to the leather community, not only for eye candy and funzies, but also for information about those events and people who provide the highlights in any given year. Interestingly, it also gives an idea of just how large this community of "leather folks" really is - and it is most definitely not small. Often seen as "old school", it is decidedly as new and fresh now as it has ever been. This is a timely and actually really interesting read.

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