Leather Smoker Stud

Smoking and sex; leather and sex; smoking, leather and sex. For many men any combination of these elements is not only a turn-on, but also a major fetish. Pictures of leather sleaze are rather easy to find. The same can be said for smoking while having sex. Finding pictures of all three would be a tall order for anyone. Pictures and videos and on this fetish are hit and miss. There just doesn't seem to be one website devoted to all three elements.

Fortunately we have Leather Smoker Stud. It is run by a 23yr old who has a major fetish for all things leather, smoking and most importantly sex. He searches the web looking for the best gay porn photos featuring smoking, leather and sex. Most times only leather and/or smoking is only found. But every now and then he hits the jackpot and finds all 3 elements in one picture. He also tries to find other types of sleaze like guys in rubber, with nipple rings and piercing, rockers and so much more. There is no text, as the Webmaster seems to want the pictures to speak for themselves. So for all things leather, smoking and sex, this website is the place to be.

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