Leather Slave is a no-holds-barred fetish blog, dedicated to the rougher and more gamy/fantasy side of sexual experience. Make no mistake - this site absolutely delivers what it promises. A list of fetishes is included, ranging from the simple "Huge Cocks" pictures section to "Balls", "Self Sucking", "Spit", "Piss" and "S & M". It is a compendium site, full of numerous examples of each listed fetish, raw and uncut. As a blog, it can also take some liberties with arrangements and complexity of navigation inside it, so it ends up a bit clustered, but the results are truly as they promise. Once accustomed to the quirks, the site pretty much seeps with a lusty and sometimes old school eroticism. Fantasies are the order of the day and this is where the ultimate strength of this site lies. As a fantasy site of absolute integrity, those scenarios acted out very faithfully get the implied promise of a site for fetishists and for the curious. Richly-peopled by some classic porn stars, this collection is a near must-see for anyone who enjoys seeing the reality of the gay life style and the places it has been.

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