Nick Moretti

Even the doms need a good ass fucking every now and again. Got to keep them in line, too. We can't have the tops thinking the world spins on the head of their stiff cocks. So leather daddy Nick Moretti books an appointment with the Dragon over at Butt Machine Boys. He's quite a beautiful man - solid muscle, very hairy, and wearing a hot sleeve of tattooed ink, not to mention that meaty cock swinging between his legs. Nick warms himself up with a few toys, and he starts off with the Fucksall. This fucking machine comes with a hunky manhandler to steer the dildo into Nick's hairy hole. (Where can I apply for that job?) Nick's hairy hole is dripping with lube as he straddles the Crystal Palace machine and a nice-sized dildo is thrust up into Nick's fuck hole. But my favourite is when this hairy daddy gets down on all fours and backs his ass into the huge dildo on the Dragon machine. Eventually Nick flips over and continues the pounding. The Dragon plows him hard until he busts a heavy load all over his hairy torso.

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