The Leather Archives and Museum has been alive and kicking in Chicago since 1990. Here's a quoted description: "In August 1991, the LA&M was incorporated in the state of Illinois. From that date until May 1993, the Leather Archives was, in effect, an idea struggling to take form. In 1993, 1994 and 1995, the LA&M existed as a growing

collection and appeared in public only as exhibits at International Mr. Leather in Chicago (plus a couple of abortive attempts to appear on the road)." Since their inception LA&M have managed to reach many folks who live by the leatherand fetish creedo. Through their extensive efforts and persistence, those who were looking for their peers and couldn't, were finally able to. The site itself is very nicely set up and contains a large amount of insightful information and revelations. I learned a lot here and perhaps you will as well.

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