Lavender Lounge is a huge and well-archived site, begun back in 2002, believe it or not, complete with posts from that era of a similar quality to those we see here now. Consistently erotic, Lavender Lounge deals with the epitome of hot male interest. Gorgeous men adorn the pages here, doing all sorts of mischief. From scenes of a "Bear Fashion Show", taped in Berkeley, presenting fashion designs - mostly very sexy underpants, worn by hairy and meaty, muscular men - all designed and presented by Walter Van Bierendonrk, we range to more direct sexual adventures. Naturally, the very newest finds - the solo guys - show up, stripping and wanking it as is their wont, and making us all very uncomfortable in the pants. There seems to be no end of hot and very involved men in this full and meaty blog. There are hard-on's everywhere, guys feeling it for us or having mates do it for them. Sexy and very direct about its approach, this is a most certain Porn Blog. It's straightforward message is for the viewer to surf, get himself all hot and bothered, and then have himself one whale of a party. This would never be called a "shy" blog.

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