Oh my goodness, I just ran into this guy in the laundry room of my apartment building and I think he suspected that I took his picture with my Google Glasses. The flashbulb sound effect may have been a clue. So here's what happened next.

He made me pay for his load of laundry. And he made me take off his socks and add them to the load of laundry. And he made me pay for the dryer too, except the stuff that just needs to line dry. Because he said he didn't want me to shrink his gym shorts because he needs room for his ass and cock in them. And his balls.

So there was a lot of time during the washing and drying cycles. So yeah, lots of penetration. Lots of spitting. Lots of homophobic epithets like "lady girl boy homo mary sally ass candy" and "sissy starfish gay gay hole" both of which I'll admit I'd never heard before. I was crying and shaking but I still had fun!

My laundry is still filthy because I only had enough quarters for his. Plus the clothes I was wearing are extra filthy now with various things. All in all, a great afternoon!

P.S. Apparently heat waves make me write postmodern, metaporn. I can hear mother nature jilling off now.

laundry room stud

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