Latino Bubble Butt

I'm always an ass man before anything else. A hot bubble butt will always turn my head. If the guy's a good kisser, even better; if he has foreskin, I'm in heaven. And 19-year-old Rafael looks fetching on all accounts. I'm not generally into 19-year-olds, but ... Look at those lips, they're big, luscious, and so kissable. You can't be a bad kisser with lips like that. I can't really tell if Rafael is cut or uncut because his cock is rock hard from the beginning of the photo shoot. But he does have a beautiful bubble butt. He teases us at first, he's wearing a pair of shorts that cling in all the right spots. The synthetic fabric is crawling up the crack of his ass. Rafael finally slides his shorts down his beefy thighs. What a great ass! Round, hard, and smooth. And there are some great shots like this where he's lying on his stomach, looking so very fuckable. Later in the series, Rafael is chained to a wooden cross. He looks amazing in his knee-high leather boots and nothing else. Fuck, chain that boy to the cross face-first and let me torture that ass of his with my tongue. What a hot scene that would be. Can you imagine rimming his hole until he blows a huge load without even touching his cock? Wouldn't that be hot?

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