It's always interesting to me how our perceptions come into play when we're making decisions about whether a guy is a top or a bottom. For instance look at Tiago and Sol here. Sol is the bigger of the two guys, more muscular, older, and rougher looking. Tiago is smaller and leaner and looks younger. I was sure that by the end of this gallery Sol would be fucking Tiago's ass. Sol just didn't look like the kind of guy who liked to get fucked. And indeed Tiago was the first one with a dick in his mouth. When Sol sucked Tiago's cock and started fingering his butt hole, I figured I had it right for sure. But before long, Sol was on his stomach with his bubble butt in the air and Sol was stuffing his big, fat Latin cock into his buddy's ass. He fucks him on his stomach, on his knees over the edge of the bed, and here, on their sides. Tiago's got a nice thick cock, but Sol seems to be managing just fine. Towards the end of the gallery these two Latin muscle guys swap and Tiago is taking his buddy's cock, but not for nearly as long as Sol did. The grand finale has Tiago jacking off while Sol is fucking him, and then, Sol pulls out and jacks off a huge fucking load all over Tiago's face.

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