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With a toothy smile, toned body, and a set of ripped abs, Fratmen's Michael reminds us of that swimming dynamo Michael Phelps. But the resemblance may end there. When Michael strips naked on Fratmen he unveils a massively fat dick -- long and thick, actually. I'm sure this college guy drops some jaws in the locker room. I mean whether you're gay or straight, you can't help to be impressed by Michael's massive meat. On the one side, gay guys smacking their lips and longing to get a taste of Michael's big dick; and on the other side, straight guys wishing they were as well hung. Michael's kind of taken with his big dick, too. At one point during his video he just looks down at his meaty cock lying across his smooth belly and just starts to laugh at it. And you're going to love watching him stroking that fattie in the shower. Lathering it up with soap and sliding it in his fist, he gets his cock rock hard. After a long, hot shower, Michael heads for the bedroom and lies back on a freshly-made bed to coax a juicy load out of his low-hanging balls!

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