We're back with the first "best of Gaydemon" for 2009! We added some very hot stuff in the last week, so picking the best wasn't easy, but we started out with some gay fetish sites that are sure to keep you busy. Our favorite was Ursophile Leather. This is a truly awesome free site for leather bears and those who love them. It includes the entire hanky code, free leather bear pics, some interesting reading plus a links page that includes links to all sorts of leather community events and sites.

Ready for more fetish? Here's a blog with a focus on all sorts of fetishes called - appropriately - Gay Fetish on the Net. This site lists a variety of fetish sites and also includes pics and video clips. Masters and Slaves offers visitors a collection of 12 video clips showing BDSM dungeon action. If you prefer your slaves bound, gagged, punished and masturbated, check this one out.

And here's a smaller site called Self Fisting Belgian Boy that is pretty hot. The Belgian model may not be able to fist himself deep, but the action here is good and you've got to give him credit for flexibilty as well as his fisting and masturbation technique. And last for our fetish listings is Playing Doctor, Nurse and Patient, which includes medical role playing and a cross-dressing nurse!

And here's a couple more sites that aren't fetish sites but deserve a mention. First is 9 Buck Gay Sex. Why does it deserve a mention? Well, it offers over 200 downloadable full scenes, weekly updates and costs - you guessed it - only 9 bucks. There's also a site called A Man's Thing, and no - they're not talking about THAT thing. It's a new hookup site, so you might want to get in on the ground floor. Last - and definitely not least - is Underwear News Briefs, a blog dedicated to men in underwear and underwear lovers everywhere!

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