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Tommy does whatever he needs to make a living. And today, that's turning on a camera in his livingroom and jerking his fat cock for You Love Jack. This is easy money! Tommy is a street-wise skate punk and he's sporting a little chin scruff and a pierced eyebrow. When Tommy strips naked for the camera, we can see that he's a tall, lanky guy with no body hair, except for a trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Tommy is packing an impressive 7-inch cock. The skater grabs a bottle of lube and drizzles a generous flow all over his cock. He starts sliding his fist up and down his fat cock and it looks hot. He pauses and brings the camera in close so we can get a good look at his tool. Then he starts rubbing those slippery fingers into his puckered fuck hole. All the while, Tommy is jerking his cock. In the finale, Tommy shoves his fingers deep inside his butt hole and this puts him over the edge, he creams a thick load. He evens gives us a little licking action as he chows down on his own cum.

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