Lance from Dirty Tony has a passion for psychology and reaching out to people who have problems so when he spotted Mikey looking down in the doldrums, he couldn't resist reaching out to offer a hand. He learns that Mikey has been depressed since his fiancé dumped him, and Lance gives him some solace by sharing a deep throated kiss. The passion is like the alarm at the fire station and starts a blaze in Mikey's crotch that prompts Lance to go down and get his lips wrapped around Mikey's cock. Mikey is so excited to get some relief that he groans in ecstasy. The action heats up when Mikey goes hard and pumps his rigid cock right into Lance's hungry ass.

These two appear to be a match made in heaven and another happy story that Tony's is famous for. Mikey is a dominant top who knows how to bring out the best in his eager to please bottom Lance. Mikey has a sexy hairy chest that gets Lance all the more excited and he begs for more ass pounding - Mikey is all to glad to oblige. The friction and action both mount to a head as both men shoot hot loadsm of cum that leave them both smiling, satisfied and relieved. It's a hot scene you'll thoroughly enjoy.

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