Ex-Porn Star Kyle King Resurfaces as Blue Bailey's Boyfriend Ex-Porn Star Kyle King Resurfaces as Blue Bailey's Boyfriend

Blue Bailey confirms that he's in a relationship with ex-Hot House dreamboat Kyle King. According to Bailey on his ask.fm page, the two started going out Folsom weekend (September 20), something he neglected to tell GayDemon when we interviewed him two weeks ago. But then we didn't know to ask.

Pictures have been popping up on Bailey's Twitter with one set featuring Bailey and King going to the Barrister's Ball at University of California's Hastings College on October 10, and then another series of pictures of the pair taking in the Blue Angels (a United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron) as a part of San Francisco's Fleet Week.

When an ask.fm fan asked point blank over last weekend: "Who's your new boyfriend? Is it Kyle King?" Blue Bailey replied, "Well I don't call him Kyle but yeah." And Bailey has been fielding questions about he and King ever since. Bailey says he and King are in an open relationship at the moment and they're versatile. He also says that King wasn't fussed over Bailey's controversial Treasure Island Media "Viral Loads" video saying, "He jerked off to that before he met me."


Kyle King filmed with Hot House as an exclusive between 2009 and 2011 where he shot 38 scenes (featured above with Matt Cole), and after another year of freelancing for various sites and studios, King left the business. "He is in permanent Peter Parker mode working a day job," says Bailey. (For you non Spiderman geeks, Peter Parker is the super hero's citizen alter ego.)

Blue Bailey himself tested HIV-positive in 2007 and his seroconversion led him to clean up his life. He kicked his meth habit, started working out and eating better. And now, people are trying to get Bailey to spill the beans on ask.fm about whether Kyle King is HIV-positive, but he's not saying outright.

"What strand of HIV does Kyle King have?" asks one person. "OMG Karen. You can't go around asking people what strain of HIV they have." And later another asks, "What's it like being a sero-discordant relationship? Oh, wait ..." (Sero-discordant relationship means one partner is HIV-positive, the other is negative.) And Bailey replies, "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the Truvada pill go down." Stay tuned.

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