kurt rogers

I've seen bald hunk Kurt Rogers around on a number of gay porn sites, I think UK Naked Men was the first place I saw him. This week I discovered him on a fairly new gay porn site called Alterna Dudes. They feature guys that a lot of other sites wouldn't touch - emos, skaters, punk rockers, musicians, surfers - guys who just don't fit into the gay porn star mould.

Kurt Rogers definitely fits into the porn star mould, but he's also got an edge to him. His shaved bald head gives him a bit of a severe look. And his chiseled chin (including the dimple) adds to it. He's got a sleeves of tattoos, too, and smatterings of ink across his body. But whatever category you try to place Kurt Rogers, there's no denying that his cock is absolutely awesome. It's big, it's thick, and it's sporting a little bend. And of course, it's uncut.

In this video, Kurt Rogers pumps that monster cock in his fist. He even sucks the camera man's cock. But the best part is saved for last when he blast his cum load all over his own face. What a sight! He's covered in spunk! I wish I were there to lick it all up.

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