Kristofer Weston's Bondage Blog is a product from a guy many may remember as Steve Landess who was both a twink subject in many videos from the 90's. Well, "Steve" morphed into a career as directer with his own line of videos and with the favorites at the time: Bush Creek Media, Can-Am and Close-Up. Later, he simply became one of the best director's in the genre, working with Colt and Buckshot. He brings his director and actor's experience to this blog as well, featuring inside looks at current vids and simply some truly interesting observations, freely-given, of his own. This guy is a giant in the field, actually, although it certainly seems as if he has the relaxed and human side of things somewhat down pat. Easy to follow and always-fascinating, the blog itself is not just a recap of his own past and history. Hardly. Kristofer seems to enjoy staying at the cutting edge in every respect. The blog features guys he admires and does do a bit of pimping for Kristofer's specialty but that is utterly expected. The pictures accompanying his blog entry about a janitor who works on a football star features photo's that are absolutely smoking hot pictures, in good detail. Interesting, informative and beguiling simply for his freshness of perspective, Kristofer Weston is one of those traveler's along life's journey we can not only learn from but who we can enjoy doing so. He seems somehow alongside, as opposed to demanding attention. A stroll with this guy is fucking sexy and actually sort of fun.

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