Krazy Ray's Bulge Parade

All fans of the male bulge need to check in at Krazy Ray's Bulge Parade for some hot titillation and some beautifully bulging briefs, jockstraps, pants, undies, shreddies, lycra, one-pieces, Y fronts and all things in the male genital area that might show off what lies beneath. Yup, we're looking at a perfect pervy place for those of us who can't get enough lumps in all the right places. You are faced with a wall of images with dates beneath them showing all kinds of bulges. Sometimes you click one to get the full sized picture in the same window but on its own page; sometimes clicking a pic will lead to an advert or another site and sometimes you can't click a pic at all. But whatever you click, click through the entire collection by using the numbers at the bottom of the page. That's about it really, there is nothing challenging here, nothing pretentious or tricky, no text, in fact (apart from a very little kind of intro at the top of the first page). So all you are doing is looking at images of men's bits bulging. Our host has gone out of his way to find these hotties for us, and all you need do is sit back and enjoy the spectacle, your eyes bulging.

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