What do you do after you've starred in numerous gay porn movies and auditioned for American Idol? Well, if you're Kirk Cummings, you move to Colorado (part-time) and start your own Showgirls-esque dance troupe! The 26-year-old twink superstar recently debuted Flesh, an all-male revue at Charlie's (900 E. Colfax) in Denver. "I'm kinda like the ringleader," Kirk exclusively tells GayDemon. "I host the show and play interactive games with the audience to win sexy toys." Cummings is currently appearing on-screen in The Green Lantern Is Gay! porn parody, but the multitalented star is also a trained pole dancer. He says that mounting a live show is just another outlet for his eclectic creativity. "I think of myself as an artist," Cummings says. "Well, a sex artist," he adds with a laugh. "I have handpicked all of these dancers, so the show has a very exclusive look and vibe."

But Kirk isn't done with the movies. He recently filmed a new scene for Naked Kombat. "I still plan on making more porn till the industry tells me to stop," he says. With his current gig, he shuttles between Los Angeles and Denver, which works out because he says he's a "restless soul" and "gets sick of places easily, so I just move all around." Cummings also hopes to write a book in the next few years about his "rough childhood" and his life so far. "For me, it will be a part of the healing process and hopefully help someone else who has been through similar stuff," he says.

In the meantime, look for Kirk at the Cybersocket Web Awards in January, where he'll be DJing at the after-party. He tells us that he'll be bringing along some of the Flesh dancers to "add a little something more to the art of DJing." You can see them and Kirk working it to Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" in the video above. For more information on Flesh, visit CharliesDenver.com.

Kirk Cummings Reveals Flesh

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