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Working in porn can sometimes be difficult. It is quite a tough industry to work in, and if you don't have your head screwed on right it can pretty much chew you up and then spit you back out. Having a steady relationship sometimes helps to keep things balanced, and in perspective between work and "real" life and other times a relationship can totally be the source of the drama and makes your work suffer.

Porn stud Kirk Cummings is no stranger to hard times with a boyfriend. He recently broke up with his, and wanted to get his story out in order to make sense of everything that had happened and in the process help other gay guys that might be going through a difficult time after a break up.

The entire story is about as real as it gets and I decided to split it up into 2 parts. Part 1 is called "Love Bites", and gives us the back story and part 2, "Love Dies", will be the conclusion. Written by Kirk himself, this is his story in his own words:

Kirk Cummings: I met Luis when I was 19. We worked together for 3 years as strippers before we started dating. During those three years I moved to LA to get into porn. I was there for about 1 year.

During that time Luis (who was "straight") moved in with another stripper named Adam, he basically blackmailed Luis into a gay relationship. Adam told him that he had to be his boyfriend in order to stay in the apartment and Luis agreed to the guy's terms.

That relationship in itself was a mess, according to Luis. Eventually a year later they broke up. That just so happens to be the time that I moved back from LA. I started working as a stripper again, but had a totally different mind set since I had just got into porn.

I kinda had a black book of strippers that I wanted to fuck, and Luis was on the top of that list. Luis always wanted to have sex with me but it just never happened before LA. I was a prude before porn.

Luis and I got really drunk at work one day and then after we went back to his place to finish off a bottle of 151. It wasn't the best of ideas but we ended up fucking for 6 hours non-stop. Luis even fisted me that night, it may sound a bit fucked up but I wanted to impress him with my porn skills.

Kirk Cummings with Luis, his boyfriend at the time

We started seeing (and fucking) more of each other after that. My friendship with Adam, his ex, grew apart since he felt I stole Luis from him. But Luis made the first move on me. I was the first to ask Luis if he wanted to take our "fuck buddy" relationship to the next level. He was hesitant for the longest time due to how badly his last relationship ended. He said gay guys were all about the drama.

After dating pretty much the entire year of 2009 we finally decided to make it official in October of the same year. Things were good, I had my place and I thought he had his. This is where the story takes a turn for the worse and I found out that Luis was illegal in the country and "his" apartment was in his sister's husband's name.

I wanted him to move in with me but Luis was afraid that if we broke up he would en up homeless so against my better judgement I decided to move in with him. We stayed together for about a year and while we did have small fights it was nothing big except for one BIG factor. Luis still lusted after girls, and this is when the problems really started....

--- o ---

Find out just what happened and just how bad things got in part 2 of Kirk Cummings personal tale of porn star love gone wrong. It's a shocker!

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